Head Soccer

Head Soccer: A Fun, Addictive Game to Play Anytime

Head Soccer is a 2D mobile soccer game that combines simple gameplay mechanics with quirky characters and unique abilities. It has been around for several years but its popularity has not waned. The game features a single player mode, a multiplayer mode, and mini-games that keep players engaged and entertained for hours.

The Gameplay

Head Soccer is a very simple game. The objective of the game is to beat your opponent by scoring as many goals as you can. The catch is that you can only use your head to hit the ball. The game features several modes, including Arcade, Tournament, Survival, and Head Cup. Each mode has its own set of rules and challenge levels.

Hexa Blocks

In the game, characters have unique abilities that make them stronger, faster, and more effective in scoring goals. You can unlock these abilities as you progress through the game by winning matches or purchasing them through in-app purchases. Some characters can even summon special pets that can help them out during the game.

Features and Modes of the Game

The Arcade mode is the basic mode of the game, where players can choose a character and compete against a computer-controlled opponent. Winning matches in Arcade mode unlocks new characters, stages, and challenges.

The Tournament mode is a series of matches that players must win to progress. The difficulty increases with each match, making it more challenging and exciting.

Survival mode is a survival-style game mode where players must play against increasing numbers of opponents until they lose. This mode is a great way to practice your skills and get a good understanding of the different characters’ abilities.

Head Cup is the ultimate challenge for players who enjoy a good match. In this mode, you must compete with the best players in the world to win the championship. The game also features weekly tournaments where players compete to get the highest score and win unique prizes.

The Characters

Head Soccer has dozens of different characters with unique abilities that make them special. Some characters excel at dribbling and speed, while others are great at shooting and scoring goals. Each character is designed to be different from the others, so there is no master character that can win all the matches.

Players can unlock characters by winning matches, playing the mini-games, or purchasing using in-app purchases. The characters range from famous soccer players, such as Messi and Ronaldo, to uniquely designed characters that are exclusive to the game.


In summary, Head Soccer is a fun and addictive game that is perfect for killing time or competing with friends. Its simple gameplay mechanics, unique characters, and challenging game modes make it a must-try game for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

So, if you’re looking for a soccer game that’s easy to learn but hard to master, then Head Soccer is the game for you. With its engaging gameplay, charming visuals and sound, and constant updates, there’s always something new to discover and enjoy in the world of Head Soccer.

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Head Soccer