Ballistic Chickens

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The Ballistic Chickens is an entry in the 2018 Game Off, hosted by the World Kitchen Challenge (WKC). This year’s theme is “Chicken Farmer.” You play as a chicken farmer and must protect his prized artifact. After completing the Ballistic Chickens, you’ll receive a trophy and a new chicken seed.

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When you play the Ballistic Chickens Game, you’ll encounter a variety of characters. In addition to the Ballistic Chickens Unblocked, you’ll encounter other creatures such as a grizzly bear, a fox, and a moose. Some of these animals may be found in the Miscellaneous section of the game.

You’ll also come across a physics puzzle that involves a yellow chicken and a grenade launcher. I’m sure there are more puzzles you can discover in the future!

Ballistic Chickens