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Age of Conflict is a multi-genre tabletop miniatures war game. It allows players to create armies of all kinds. Players can choose from a wide range of genres, including fantasy army lists, black powder army lists, and historical army lists. In addition, the game has guidelines for playing in solo mode.

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Age of Conflict provides a new approach to understanding how and why conflict occurs. Researchers have looked at the effects of age on interpersonal and territorial conflicts.

For instance, a recent simulation study explored how age structure at the country level relates to risk of civil and territorial conflict. It used data on 2513 working adults. It relied on projected measures of demographic characteristics, oil dependency, and ethnic fractionation.

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Using an optimistic scenario, researchers predicted that a state’s age structure would slow down as its population matures. However, the simulation failed to replicate troughs in conflict data. This led to the conclusion that the relationship between age structure and risk of conflict is complex.

While a young population has a greater likelihood of causing conflict, it is not a reliable predictor. Countries that have experienced an armed conflict in the past are more likely to experience conflict again. Similarly, countries with a more mature age structure are less likely to be involved in conflict.

An insurgency, meanwhile, is more likely to be associated with a country’s youthful age structure. These insurgencies are particularly prevalent in young nations.

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