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Achievement Unlocked is a flash video game made in just four days. It was designed by John Cooney and is essentially a platform game. The player has to control a blue elephant who has to complete various tasks.

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The Achievement Unlocked has no story. Rather, it’s a metagame based on achievements. You need to reach a particular level before you can move on to the next. There is also a time-testing challenge where you have to snag all of the achievements in a set number of moves.

Achievement Unlocked Meaning

Some of the achievements in the Achievement Unlocked 3 are complex and require some effort. One is the Double Jump, where the player gets to jump twice. Another is the Triple Jump, where the player jumps three times.

The other is the “Panic” button, where the player is rescued from a bug that has you stuck in a wall for forever. But besides the obvious, there are a lot of other things that happen in the Achievement Unlocked Generator, including the introduction of a new character called the Fat Bastard, who is a giant elephant who wants to collect food pellets.

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Despite its lack of a plot, the Achievement Unlocked 2 still has a fun theme. For example, the player is supposed to find the Cold Coffee screen, which contains a mini stage. In order to do this, he has to fall off the Hot Coffee screen. However, if he is successful, he is awarded the achievement.

There are numerous sequels to this title, with the most recent offering a new game and a ladder system for multiplayer play. These games add a number of new achievements, including Excuse Plot, Time Trial, and a ladder system.

Achievement Unlocked